About Us

Verde & Co. and Gourmet Sofrito Verde!
Verde & Co. is the home to our Gourmet Sofrito Verde - a special, handmade Authentic Spanish Seasoning made with love. We are based in Sullivan County, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Owner Louisa Pabon pours her heart and soul into each and every batch. Here's a little background on how it all got started:

"I started the Gourmet Sofrito Verde recipe with the help of my good friend Paula. We worked very hard to perfect it as we added a secret to the combination of ingredients to make it our own. I was soon up to my elbows in the green stuff everyone loves, Sofrito. The first time, we made the product it was a very small bactch of only 48 containers. We went on to service over a hundred stores a month.

The product is authentic to the recipe the mothers and grandmothers made back in the island of Puerto Rico. Coming from a large family, my mother used Sofrito to flavor her cooking and I was always enamored by how something so small could make everything taste so good. We are Authentic and Gourmet: we make it absolutely fresh, and it never sits in a warehouse or the back of a supermarket freezer. We produce small batches with ingredients from local farmers as much as possible, with no fat or heavy salting to mask preservatives. We freeze to preserve, so when you get it, it is fresh and authentic as can be!

Sofrito is a Latino-centric product that is quickly becoming a staple in so many kitchens. Enjoy cooking with Gourmet Sofrito Verde in all your dishes. Use it to marinade, saute', stew meat and fish. Add to beans, eggplant, pasta and so much more. The possibilities are endless."